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October 2011

This issue of the magazine includes:

• Names: Arkady Gendler

In late November 2011, Yiddish folk poet and singer Arkady Gendler (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) will celebrate his ninetieth birthday. Everyone familiar with him and interested in the language, proverbs, songs, dances, and traditions of East European Jewry has learned a great deal from this talented and captivating man—from his lectures and seminars, his master classes and concerts, his stories and reminiscences. The magazine’s editorial board congratulates Arkady Gendler on this occasion and publishes reviews of his two CDs and one DVD, which have been released in various countries over the past ten years.

• Overview: In the Jewish Fields of Crimea

The article analyzes several books on Jewish issues published recently in Simferopol, including the latest two volumes of the yearbook Krymchakhlar, the official publication of the Krymchaks Association. The author comes to the conclusion that the yearbook has slowly but steadily ceased to promote the quasi-scientific idea, advanced by certain local ideologues, that the basis of the Krymchak heritage is not Judaism but rather ancient paganism. As a result, the yearbook, which in previous years had attempted to separate this small ethnic group on the Crimean Peninsula from the Jewish people, has become more and more integrated into the international Jewish context.

• Publishers and Publishing Projects: Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center

The Holocaust Center was established in Moscow in 1992. It was one of the first organizations in Russia and other post-Soviet countries that aimed to preserve the memory of Holocaust victims, create museums and documentary exhibitions, incorporate the subject into school and university curricula, organize commemorative events, erect monuments, and gather evidence and memoirs. A brief overview of the Center’s activities is followed by a complete bibliography of its publications.

• Jewish Calendar of Significant Dates: November–December 2011

• Bibliography: 40 New Books