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February 2017

This issue of the magazine includes:

• Survey: Drowning in Journals

Several new academic journals on Jewish studies have been launched in recent years: Judaica Ukrainica (Kiev), Evreiskaia rech’ (St. Petersburg), Judaica Petropolitana (St.Petersburg), Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Instituta iudaiki (Kishinev), Trudy po iudaike (St. Petersburg), and Tsaytshrift (Minsk & Vilnius). The Journal of Ethnology and Culturology (Kishinev) has also published a special Jewish issue. The reviewer focuses on the shortcomings of these publications, including multilingualism, poor editing, and a mishmash of scholarly texts with amateur endeavors. He concludes that the emergence of this plethora of journals testifies not to an explosion of Jewish studies in the post-Soviet countries, but to a deep crisis in the field. He argues that the field needs a single journal that would be authoritative and attract contributors from the international academic community.

Looking through Russian Literary Magazines: Novels and Articles of Jewish Interest

Publishers and Publishing Projects: Local Jewish History Books from Chernihiv

This section features a complete bibliography of Russian-language and Ukrainian‑language books on Jewish history published during the 2000s and 2010s inthe Ukrainian city of Chernihiv.

Jewish Calendar of Significant Dates: March–April 2017

Bibliography: 50 New Books