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February 2008

This issue of the magazine includes:

• Problem: The Curse of Bashevis

The article strongly criticizes the quality of Russian translation in the new editions of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novels, which were published in Moscow in the popular book series, “The Prose of Jewish Life.”

Review: Clio and Some Tricks with Historical Facts

The recent book by Moscow journalist Valery Kadzhaya about Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s infamous two-volume publication, Two Hundred Years Together, has become rather popular among some Jewish circles in Russia. Kadzhaya unmasks numerous “tricks with historical facts” that the Nobel laureate uses in order to convince readers that Jews exaggerate their troubles and underestimate their sins against Russia. Our reviewer shares Kadzhaya’s generally critical attitude toward Solzhenitsyn’s work. At the same time, he emphasizes that Kadzhaya himself, when in the heat of a polemic, uses different “tricks with historical facts” as well. Simplification, excessive pathos, and scandalousness are characteristic features of Kadzhaya’s style. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is so attractive to his Jewish admirers, who are interested not in historical truth, but in protecting themselves from Solzhenitsyn’s attacks.

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