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October 2007

This issue of the magazine includes:

• Memoirs: On the History of Jewish Press in Russia

The magazine continues to publish fragments from the memoirs of the prominent Jewish historian and journalist Saul Ginsburg (1866–1940). The latest fragment of the memoirs deals with the censorship of Jewish books and periodicals in czarist Russia.

Review: The Prose of Jewish Life against the Backcloth of Finnish History

The Russian translation of Finnish author Daniel Katz’s novel When Grandfather Skied to Finland was welcomed very warmly by many Russian literary critics. At the same time, this phantasmagoric saga of Finnish-Jewish life was perceived by practically all of them as a complete product of the author’s fantasy. The magazine’s reviewer shows that, in spite of his ironic style, Daniel Katz is very precise in his description of the dramatic history of Jews in Finland in the 20th century.

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