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June 2007

This issue of the magazine includes:

• Memoirs: On the History of Jewish Press in Russia

The magazine continues to publish fragments from the memoirs of the prominent Jewish historian and journalist Saul Ginsburg (1866–1940). The memoirs deal with the history of Der fraynd—the first Yiddish daily in Russia.

Survey: Russia’s Jews in the Mirror of Sociology

This article discusses recent scholarly publications dedicated to sociological and psychological problems of modern Russian Jewry. The reviewer emphasizes: “The scientific level of these publications is very different but still all of them deserve some attention. We still know very little on who are they—the Jews of Russia, what they think about themselves, about their place in the country and in the world, what future they want for themselves and for their children. We still plan our Jewish community development in the dark, not taking into consideration data of concrete sociological researches. So much the more important to look intently into those data that we do have.”

Problem: the Gospel According to Katz

This polemical article sharply criticizes the book Jews. Christianity. Russia by St. Petersburg author Alexander Katz. According to the article, this book presents yet another Utopian project of “Russian-Jewish rapprochement” with a strong Christian missionary component. At the same time, the reader can find in this book familiar features from many anti-Semitic publications.

Jewish Calendar of Significant Dates: July–August 2007

Bibliography: 45 New Books