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June 2006

This issue of the magazine includes:

• Memoirs: On the History of Russian-Jewish Literature

Memoirs of the prominent Jewish historian and journalist Saul Ginsburg (1866–1940) were published in New York in Yiddish in 1944 under the title Amolike Peterburg (St. Petersburg in the Past). In this book the author presents broad picture of the very intensive Jewish public and cultural life in the capital of Russian Empire from the end of 19th century through the February Revolution of 1917. The chapter from this book presented here in Russian translation dedicated to the history of Voskhod magazine and its publisher and editor Adolf Landau (1842–1902).

Point of View: Decalogue or Aseret ha-dibrot?

In May 2006 the State Hermitage in co-operation with St. Petersburg Rare Books publishers presented unusual art project under the title Decalogue. The central object of this exhibition was a book from leather and porcelain with texts of the Ten Commandments in Hebrew and seven other languages. The magazine’s reviewer analyzes the conflict between the graphic language of the artists who used Jewish symbols in their composition and the traditional Jewish religious interpretation of these symbols.

Publishers and Publishing Projects: E.RA—Publishing Association of Alexander Bogatykh and Evelina Rakitskaya (Moscow)

The major aim of the E.RA publishing association established in 1998 is to help the beginner writers in preparing, publishing and promoting their books. The organization works not only with Moscow authors but also with authors from other Russian cities as well as with Russian-language writers who live abroad. During the last period of time the Israeli branch of E.RA became very active. Only in 2005 it was published 25 titles of Israeli authors. The article about the association’s activities is followed by the bibliography of its publications on Jewish themes.

Jewish Calendar of Significant Dates: July–August 2006

Bibliography: 70 New Books