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June 2002

This issue of the magazine includes:

• Interview: Maria Rolnikaitė

July 2002 will mark the 75th anniversary of Maria Rolnikaitė, a Yiddish and Russian writer, and author of the famous book I Must Tell—the restored diary that she wrote in Yiddish as a child in the Vilnius ghetto. This book was the only Jewish Holocaust survivor's account to be published in the Soviet Union in the 1960s and 1970s. In her interview she recalls her struggle against the Soviet authorities' attempts to use her in the anti-Zionist and anti-dissident campaigns.

Review: The Black Hundreds—label or historical truth?

The reviewer takes the recent publication of a book about the history of the Black Hundreds in the Volga River area as an occasion to discuss the role of this movement in the context of 20th century European history.

Synopses: Three New Books

The magazine's reviewer compares two books by Russian-Jewish writer Mikhail E. Kozakov (1897–1954)—a volume of his selected works, published in Moscow in 2002, and a collection published in 1999, in which his works are presented alongside the writings of his son—the famous Russian actor Mikhail M. Kozakov—and his grandson Mikhail M. Kozakov, Junior. A brief notice informs readers about a novel by Czech writer Ivan Olbracht (1882–1952) about Jewish life in the Carpathians, published in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, translated into Rusin, a Slavic language used among some Ukrainian intellectuals.

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Jewish Calendar of Significant Dates: July–August 2002

Bibliography: 55 New Books