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October 2001

This issue of the magazine includes:

• Review: Russian-Jewish Relations in Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Interpretation

St. Petersburg historian Evgeny Moroz analyzes the first volume of the Nobel Prize Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn's new book Two Hundred Years Together. He writes that Solzhenitsyn's hope—that his book will convince and reconcile everybody—was not fulfilled. The book was received rather sympathetically in the camp of Russian nationalists, but even there, Solzhenitsyn has vocal opponents who suspect him of being a secret supporter of Zionism. Liberal media, with very few exceptions, responded to the book angrily and accused Solzhenitsyn of concealed or even open anti-Semitism. The reviewer does not draw such radical conclusions, but he also voices the pessimistic thought that Solzhenitsyn's latest book, biased and historically inaccurate, will not serve to encourage Russian-Jewish reconciliation.

Synopses: A Collection of Articles On the History of Jewish Music in Russia (St. Petersburg, 2001)

According to the reviewer, the most important part of this collection is the full text of the famous polemic between Yuly Engel and Lazare Saminsky, "on the value of Jewish domestic melody," which is published here for the first time, as based on original sources (issues of the magazines Rassvet for 1915 and Evreiskaya nedelya for 1916–1917). This polemic is a kind of a tuning fork for other theoretical and historical material included in the volume. Among them, Galina Kopytova's article, "Moisey Milner's Opera The Heavens are Burning", is of special interest for its history of the creation of the first Yiddish opera.

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