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August 2001

This issue of the magazine includes:

• In Memoriam: Semion Sandler

Linguist Semion Sandler, author of the unique Textbook of Yiddish published in the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 1980s, died in Moscow on June 28, 2001, only three days before the new, expanded edition of his textbook was released. Sandler's student and assistant Andrey Bredshteyn shares memories of his teacher whom he calls “the last Jewish scholar in the real sense of the words.”

• Polemics: Once Again about Golda Meir and Ilya Erenburg

The magazine continues to publish polemical materials about the controversial Soviet writer Ilya Erenburg. In this article, St. Petersburg literary scholar Boris Frezinsky defends Erenburg from accusations that he was simply an instrument of Stalin's anti-Semitic policy—accusations based partly on Golda Meir's memoirs. Frezinsky presents Erenburg as a keen-witted diplomat and a consistent fighter against anti-Semitism who tried to ease the fate of Soviet Jewry even in the hardest periods of post-War persecutions.

• Synopses: Seven New Books

Brief reviews on two new books recently published in Kishinev of Yiddish poetry translated into Russian, as well as new books of Jewish prose in Russian published in Kiev, Odessa, and Moscow.

• Publishers and Publishing Projects: Publishing House Evreiskii mir (Jewish World), Moscow

Since opening in 1994, the publishing house Evreiskii mir has been publishing the writings of different Jewish organizations that are not able to publish themselves. The organizations come from a wide spectrum of cities including Moscow, Saratov, and Kharkov. The article is followed by the complete bibliography of books and magazines published by Evreiskii mir.

• Jewish Calendar of Significant Dates: September–October 2001

• Bibliography: 55 New Books