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August 2000

This issue of the magazine includes:

• Review: New Edition of Itzhak Katsenelson's Poem

Famous epic The Song of the Murdered Jewish People was written by Yiddish poet Itzhak Katsenelson in a Nazi concentration camp in January 1944. This poem is a unique document about the suffering, struggle, and death of Warsaw ghetto prisoners. The poem is also a strong piece of art. The author was killed in Auschwitz. The text of the poem survived and was first published in Yiddish in Paris in 1945. Later it was published in English, Hebrew and other languages. The first Russian translation was published in Israel in 1992. New edition of the poem just appeared in Moscow. New Russian translation was done by famous literary scholar and translator Efim Etkind who recently passed away. The magazine's reviewers compare two Russian editions of Katsenelson's poem—Israeli and Russian ones—and find that the Israeli version is a more worthy and valid presentation for the Russian audience of one of the most significant pieces of Yiddish poetry of 20th century. The reviewers strongly criticize the attempt of Moscow publishers to present the poem in two languages simultaneously—Yiddish and Russian. The Yiddish text in the new edition is printed in Latin letters using German orthography—useless for Russian readers and not respectable for Yiddish ones.

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Bibliographical Collection: Books about the Holocaust

The magazine publishes the final part of bibliographical list of all books on the history of the Holocaust published on the territory of the former Soviet Union during last decade (1989–1999).

Jewish Calendar of Significant Dates: September–October 2000

Bibliography: 80 New Books