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June 2000

This issue of the magazine includes:

• Exchange of Experience: Jewish Music Library in St. Petersburg

Important role in Jewish cultural life of St. Petersburg plays the Center for Jewish Music, established by the group of musicians at the city's Jewish Community Center. The Center for Jewish Music holds a unique library that includes scores, books, articles as well as recordings. The library is a serious resource of materials for professional musicians and music scholars as well as for educators and Jewish community workers.

Response: Poor King David...

The editorial article strongly criticizes the book Troubles of King David published in St. Petersburg in 1999. The book includes fragments from Tanach paraphrased by Russian writer Nadezhda Polyakova as well as her personal memoirs about childhood years. To combine in one book such different genres as biblical stories and personal remembrances is tasteless and it humiliates religious feelings of descendants of King David, concludes the article.

Review: Collected Works of Dovid Knut

In 1997–1998 the publishing house of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem made a very good gift for all the connoisseurs of poetry of famous Russian-Jewish author Dovid Knut—his Collected Works in two volumes. The reviewer underlines that now, after 45 years after Dovid Knut's death, it is absolutely clear that his best poems are those that have strong Jewish spirit, biblical images, and national inspiration.

Bibliographical Collection: Books about the Holocaust

The magazine publishes the first part of bibliographical list of all books on the history of the Holocaust published on the territory of the former Soviet Union during last decade (1989–1999).

Jewish Calendar of Significant Dates: July–August 2000

Bibliography: 60 New Books