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August 2016

• In Memoriam: Elie Wiesel (1928–2016)

This memorial article about Holocaust survivor, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, writer, and political activist Elie Wiesel analyzes his major works in Russian translation, especially his famous trilogy Night, Dawn, Day.

Memoirs: Sovetish Heymland’s Offspring

This memoir by Gennady Estraikh, a renowned scholar and professor of Yiddish studies at New York University, focuses on the first “youth” issue of the Soviet Yiddish monthly Sovetish Heymland, published exactly thirty years ago, in July 1986. Such special issues appeared annually, each July, through 1989. They debuted several members of the post-WWII generation who have continued their work in Yiddish literature and journalism to the present day.

Response: The Rule of the Thirteenth Stroke

There is the so-called rule of the thirteenth stroke. According to the rule, if a clock strikes thirteen times, one should question the accuracy of the previous twelve strokes. The author of this polemical article interprets it as follows: if a researcher has been repeatedly exposed engaging in falsification, the academic community should question everything he writes without examining it in detail. The article deals with the work of Moscow literary scholar Leonid Katsis and his ongoing attempts to persuade the literary public of the highly improbable hypothesis that Osip Mandelstam’s prose work The Egyptian Stamp was inspired by Sholem Aleichem’s novel The Bloody Jest.

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