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December 2015

This issue of the magazine includes:

• History: Why and How Three Polish Jews Slandered Ilya Ehrenburg

The second, and final, portion of the article surveying the aggressive anti-Ehrenburg campaign, launched in the international media in 1956–1957, presents the biographies of three western journalists who played key roles in the campaign: Bernard Turner, Chaim Shoshkes, and Léon Leneman. All three men had dramatic lives. Turner spent ten years in the Gulag, and only after Stalin’s death received permission to go to Israel. Shoshkes was a member of the Warsaw Ghetto Judenrat, but in late 1939 he managed to escape Nazi-occupied Poland and reach New York. At the very outset of WWII, Leneman made a getaway from Warsaw to the Soviet Union, where he was arrested and spent two years in a camp, and then lived a vagabond life. After the war, he returned to Poland and later emigrated to France. The author of the article tries to understand why these people fabricated and promulgated misleading information, namely, that the famous Soviet writer and public figure Ilya Ehrenburg (1891–1967) was implicated in the arrests and executions of Soviet Yiddish writers during the final years of Stalin’s dictatorship.

Synopses: Tsevi Ayznman’s Short Stories in Russian Translation

This brief review presents a book of short stories by Yiddish writer Tsevi Ayznman (1920–2014) in Russian translation, recently published in Israel.

Publishers and Publishing Projects: Local Jewish History Books from Mykolaiv

This section features a complete bibliography of Russian-language and Ukrainian-language books on Jewish history published during the 2000/2010s in the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv.

Jewish Calendar of Significant Dates: January–February 2016

Bibliography: 55 New Books