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December 2014

This issue of the magazine includes:

• Names: Walking down Sholem Aleichem Street

Yiddish writer Boris Sandler was born in 1950 in the Moldovan city of Bălți. For over fifteen years, Sandler has been editor-in-chief of New York-based Yiddish newspaper Forverts, the major periodical of current secular Yiddish culture. The article, occasioned by his sixty-fifth birthday, presents Sandler as an outstanding member of the last generation of Soviet Yiddish writers and, at the same time, as a devoted adherent of the literary tradition established by classic Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem.

Review: Philistine, Conjurer, and Victim

The academic anthology of German anti-Semitic tales was first published in Russian translation several years ago. A second, expanded edition of the book has recently been released. German Romantic writers recorded these medieval stories with a special emphasis on what they considered important and typical. Jews are sometimes presented in them as philistines and conjurers, sometimes as victims. The reviewer criticizes the book’s editing and the quality of the translation. Nevertheless, he concludes, “It compels us once again to contemplate the archetypal basis of German-Jewish relations, which emerged so horribly in the twentieth century.”

Looking through Russian Literary Magazines: Novels and Articles of Jewish Interest

Publishers and Publishing Projects: Local History Editions from Vitebsk

This section features a selected bibliography of Russian-language books published by Vitebsk journalist and historian Arkady Podlipsky dealing with the history of Vitebsk Jewry.

Jewish Calendar of Significant Dates: January–February 2015

Bibliography: 55 New Books